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Bio-CV-Fluid Bio-CV-Fluid is an environmentally friendly heating fluid to replace water in central heating installations.

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Van Wees Oil has been specialized in the development, testing and putting on the market of special lubricants, oils and related products since 1996. We have launched several 'world firsts' in the field of engine oils, coolants and brake fluids, something we are very proud of. Our products are used in a wide variety of motorized vehicles in racing, water sports, transport and private vehicles.

Not only the development of oil products for the racing industry, which enhance the performance of (racing) cars, motorbikes and powerboats, but also the development of environmentally friendly products is an important part of our business. Existing products are constantly improved to make these more environmentally friendly. The launch of our non-toxic and biodegradable Bio-G12+XT coolant is a good example of these developments.

The engine oils, coolants and other engine fluids and lubricants of Van Wees Oil improve the performance of every engine and makes sure the engine requires less maintenance.

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