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Bio Heating Fluid; Bio-CV-Fluid

In December 2012 we launched our Bio heating fluid (Bio-CV-Fluid) and enter a new market, the installation industry.
Bio-CV-Fluid is an environmentally friendly heating fluid to replace water in central heating installations. By replacing the water with our heating fluid, the central heating system is protected against corrosion and the formation of sludge. In addition, Bio-CV-Fluid contains protective additives, which ensure pipes do not freeze and burst.

Bio Heating Fluid is not only a durable product, but also ensures the sustainable use of the heating system. The central heating installation is cleaner, heats faster and can be disabled entirely when absent; this saves valuable gas and so raw materials. Moreover, the installation requires much less maintenance.

For more product information about our Bio-CV-Fluid please contact Peter van Wees. Our contact details can be found here.



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