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Research & development

Van Wees Oil is an innovative company that is constantly developing and improving its products.
That development is important to us is evident from the seven world premieres that Van Wees Oil has realized over the past five years.

5W60SRG and 5W60SRG+ racing oils are born in 2008 for fast (race) cars, inboard boat engines and rapid outboard engines;

5W60MSRG, the racing oil for motorcycles, soon follows in 2009;

75W250LS, an oil for gearboxes and cardan drives offers up to 70% more protection than a 75W140LS oil. This oil makes its first appearance in 2009;

• In 2010, our Drinking Water Antifreeze is born. Our Pure DWA is an anti-freeze which also works as a disinfectant to prevent any remaining water in the system to rot.

Super Dot 4 brake fluid is also launched in 2010. Our Super Dot 4 brake fluid has the highest boiling point in the world, up to 330 degrees Celsius;

• With the advent of our Bio-G12+XT coolant in 2011, we offer the first coolant in the world that is non-toxic and completely biodegradable. Especially for engines with a silicone coolant, we have also developed Bio-G12 + +.

• Late 2012, Van Wees Oil comes with a completely new development within a new market for us. We introduce our Bio Heating Fluid (BIO-CV-Fluid), non-toxic and completely biodegradable fluid for central heating installations.

It does not stop at these developments. Van Wees Oil spends a lot time and attention to research and development. In 2012 we hope to include three new products to our line. Please come back to our site regularly to stay informed about our future developments and new products.


Commissioned development of oil, coolants, and other lubricants.

Besides the development of oil for general use, we also do this for clients with specific needs. For example, a manufacturer of engines can make his wishes and requirements for an oil or lubricant known in an exploratory meeting.  Van Wees Oil will explore and study the opportunities for the development of such a product to see if it can actually be made. We strive to complete this investigation within one month and discuss the possibilities with the client. If the product can be made, production, testing and optimizing the lubricant or oil will follow. This process takes an average of 18 months.

Obviously, the customer can obtain an exclusivity clause on the product, against a fee.  Are you interested in a development process for a new lubricant or cooling product, please feel free to contact us.


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